Gaia Weeps

The Crisis of Global Warming


by Kevin E. Ready


Finally, an update of the classic 1998 novel of global warming. The prophetic novel gives a frightening preview of a world in which global warming and its symptoms change life as we know it. The 1998 novel eerily predicts the 2012 Hurricane Sandy event and other epic events.

From this morning’s headlines, comes the story of unheard-of weather phenomena, global heat waves, deadly droughts, monster floods and worldwide devastation brought on by industrial poisons, greenhouse gases and our inattention to the warning signs.

The Gaia Theory, named for the ancient goddess of the Earth, our Mother Nature, tells us that the entire planet is an interlinked living being, slowly dying from our neglect, GAIA WEEPS is a novel about the few who see the signs and try to warn us




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