A New Chance

by Kevin Ready


A general fiction novel that crosses boundaries of genre. A young woman must deal with a miraculous change in identity and find her destiny after a new chance at life. Two lives are joined in a karmic event that a young woman must try to understand. It is a story of discovery of self, love, romance and bravery. Set in modern day California, the novel also takes the heroine to wartorn Afghanistan as an Army nurse. The story discloses curious links between the many lives the young woman meets on her journey.

Two lives intersect in a curious twist of fate. Naomi's life has no way to go but up, and Mark 's life seems to be headed for a tragic end. A Karmic event brings these two lives together. Waking up in a mental hospital, Naomi struggles to understand a soul-wrenching change that has stripped her of her very identity but also offers her a new chance at life.

Naomi must come to terms with the turn her life has taken. She must find her destiny in this new, uncertain life. This new chance at life leads her to a story of love, bravery and triumph. She encounters mysterious connections that tie her and the people she meets to the miracle that started her journey.