The Big One

by Kevin Ready

Get Ready for the Big One

The Big One, the great Earthquake everyone expects, finally hits California. This is a detailed account of how the legendary Big One will change the lives of people in Los Angeles and neighboring Southern California. Based upon real world facts, every chapter begins with the historical and scientific basis for the thrilling story of this riveting novel. The death, destruction and horror of the great quake are intermixed with the hope and fortitude of the people who try to survive Nature’s cataclysm. The Big One is a marvelously detailed account of the way in which the survivors deal with the disaster. The huge quake, the Big One, is not just a remote possibility, it is the very real event the best scientists expect at some time in our lives. This is one of those books you cannot put down. Crisp characterizations, detailed, fact-based events, real locations and thrilling adventure make the Big One a must-read novel.