To So Few - Overlord

by Cap Parlier

Overlord is the tenth book of Cap Parlier’s epic To So Few series of historical novels. The year 1943 proved to be a pivotal point in the Allied prosecution of the war against the Axis powers in Europe. The Western Allies cleared and secured North Africa, liberated Sicily, turned the Italians to the Allied cause, and pushed north in Italy. With the battlefield successes of 1943, the Allied leaders chose General Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower to lead the Allied Expeditionary Force in Operation OVERLORD—the invasion of German occupied France and the push toward victory over Germany. Newly promoted Major Brian ‘Hunter’ Drummond leads the second division of the 334th Fighter Squadron in Operation POINTBLANK—the strategic campaign against German air defense systems. The squadron also directly supports the Normandy landings. The characters of the era and the story of Overlord continue are immersed in the historic events that define the mid-century.